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NeuroTouch Cranio

NeuroTouch Cranio Is a VR simulator for select cranial microsurgery procedures based on the Blade software engine. It uses stereovision and bimanual tool handles with force feedback, including aspirator, CUSA, bipolar and micro scissors. Training modules based on brain tumour patients are available and performance metrics automatically provide an objective assessment of technical skills.

NeuroTouch Cranio is currently being integrated within a neurosurgery training curriculum.

NeuroTouch Cranio

NeuroTouch Endo Is a VR simulator for endoscopic transnasal procedures, also based on the Blade software engine. It allows manipulating an endoscope using a force feedback handle, and generates realistic endoscopic view, such as lens distortion effects, blurring and rinsing, as well as tissue deformation.

NeuroTouch Endo has training modules for navigation in the nasal cavity, with performance metrics.